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August 3, 2020
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A Home Wiring Guide Makes Electrical Installations More Efficient

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Electrical wiring is the most complex system in a house and is also the most dangerous when it malfunctions. Improperly installed residential wiring results in hundreds of injuries and deaths every year and many millions of dollars in property damage. Most any type of project that involves electricity should be done by a licensed electrician. Seasoned do-it-yourselfers may have the ability to do some projects if they are very familiar with wiring issues, potential errors, and current code requirements. It's wise for homeowners to understand the basics of home wiring even when an electrician is doing the work to have the ability of recognizing mistakes should they occur.

The many and varied materials needed for house wiring depend on a number of factors including the intended use and power demand, the building or project size, environmental conditions, and potential needs for future alterations. Knowing what questions to ask before beginning an installation will save a lot of time and make the installation proceed much more efficiently whether you are a professional or do-it-yourself homeowner. Though many licensed electricians work from memory, a home wiring guide can help organize the process and document answers for the electrician and the customers.

It is essential to have a complete understanding of safety codes and regulations in your area. These safety regulations in the National Electrical Code (NEC) are modified and published every three years by the U.S. National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) and are included in local building codes. This is another area where a thorough checklist can be very helpful. The checklist can help to assure that everything has been done properly and with complete adherence to code requirements.

A home wiring guide is a very useful tool for both professionals and homeowners. Developed by a master electrician and licensed electrical contractor, it helps to organize and document any project of any size. It lists useful questions to ask and includes installation tips and preferences. It also contains current code references that correspond to many installation areas such as required circuits, grounding, loads, lighting, receptacles, and more. Do-it-yourself homeowners find a guide to be a good house wiring how to manual.

A very inexpensive home wiring guide can help save time and money and make any wiring installation go smoother without having to rely on memory. The documentation of the installation is a professional added value to the customer as well that can increase valuable referrals and repeat business.


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