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April 29, 2020
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5 Reasons Why Should you use a Portable Air Compressor with Pneumatic Tools

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My husband is a do-it-yourself kind of guy, and this is great for many reasons. For one, things get done around the house. I noticed this when were first married. It was about 10:00 pm at night, and I noticed that something needed doing in the bathroom. I made a comment that we should do that soon, and he said, "how about right now." I was very impressed! My Dad takes forever to get things done. And,no, it was not just because we were newly weds, things still get done quickly and competently.

The second great thing about marrying a DIY kind of guy, is that you always know what to get him for birthdays and Christmas, a power tool. Originally, it was basic, corded power tools, then it was cordless tools that he preferred. Then, for an outdoor project (building a fence), he got a portable air compressor and a nail gun (we call it a ka-chinker) and it was great! From then on, new tools had to be air tools.

Now, as I learned about air tools, I discovered many advantages to using one with a portable air compressor.
  1. They are a good value. Though you have to put out some money for the portable air compressor, often air tools (or pneumatic tools) are less expensive than cordless or corded power tools. Also, pneumatic tools often last longer because they do not have a small motor that can burn out. Instead, they are drawing their power from the larger motor of the air compressor.
  2. Mentioning above that air tools do not have their own motors, brings up another advantage. No motor means they weigh less. Though tools are often used by big, strong men, more can get done more comfortably if the tool is smaller and lighter, it makes the tool easier to handle, allowing for better efficiency.
  3. Since pneumatic tools draws on the larger motor of the portable air compressor, they can deliver more torque and higher revolutions per minute than their electric counterparts. This allows your do-it-yourselfer to work more quickly and effectively.
  4. It is really easy to change from one tool to another, making your portable air compressor very versatile. Besides using it with tools, it is great for inflating numerous items around your home. So, the use of the air compressor for other things is an advantage in itself.
  5. You don't have to worry about an electric cord getting in the way, or if it is long enough to reach the project. This also means that you avoid the hassle of working with a long extension cord.
There are many pneumatic tools available. This includes drills, hammers, cutting tools, grinders, impact wrenches and hatchets, sanders and polishers, spray guns, grease and cleaning guns, staplers and nailers and more. Making the change from electric or cordless tools to air tools is simple, and you do not have to do it all at once. Start with purchasing a portable air compressor and one tool that you need or use often. Then, as you need new tools or want to replace older ones, just purchase the new tool in pneumatic form. I don't think that it will take long before you agree that air tools with a portable air compressor is the way to go!


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