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March 17, 2020
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Know More About Skylights and Their Types

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What it is?
A Skylight is an installation in the roofs and attics to let in more of the natural light and warmth of the sun. Skylights have been used since the ancient times. But more recently, they have become popular and are being incorporated in general construction and renovation to provide alternative options of lighting. They are effective and efficient in areas that receive ample sunlight. The trend towards energy conservation has also helped in making these popular. This is achieved through innovative designs, transmissions options and efficiency rating systems.
Skylights come manufactured in various types, materials and sizes. The examples mainly include roof windows, unit skylights, sun tunnels and custom skylights etc. These skylights can be fixed type or the operable ones. The operable ones have a retraction feature. The difference between the two is that the operable skylights also function as venting units. When opened, these let the light and fresh air to come inside the structure. These can be electric or solar powered, remote controlled venting. This feature lets you control the light levels penetrating inside the room.
Another highlight is the availability of the colorful or opaque blinds for these installations. The skylights in Toronto are categorized in two specifications. These are the:
*Commercial lights
*Residential lights
The options for commercial skylights include sun tunnels, roof access hatchets, flat room curbs, and custom sized laminated glass skylights. These are ideal for warehouses, schools, colleges, institutions, commercial buildings and offices. On the other hand, the residential options consist of three types of light installations. These are:
*Curb mounted skylights
*Deck mounted skylights
*Sun tunnel
The curb mounted lights are perfect to be installed directly on the roof's plywood deck. These are built onsite by the installer. These skylights are solar powered and have rain sensors installed in them. Apart from letting the fresh air in, their distinct design prevents leakage from the rain water.
The deck mounted ones can either be custom built or factory made. These are an excellent source of abundant natural light and their manually operated options are very economical.
The third option is the sun tunnels. These are used in specific places where the traditional skylights are difficult to install. These are particularly comfortable to be installed in the trusses designs and tight spots. These are also quicker to be installed than the other skylights.
Skylights are very easy to install. While these can either be installed by the home owners, it is best to have them installed by the professionals. This is to insure that these are installed perfectly and there are no water leakages on the rainy days. There are several benefits offered by the skylights. Some of them are:
*More natural light: The installation of skylights increases natural light in the facility.
*Option of ventilation: It also provides options to let fresh air in.
*Reduced energy consumption: the electricity bills go down as the dependence on the power and artificial light is reduced.
*Better environment: the work environment is enhanced in the natural light than the electric lighting options.
Therefore, to reap all these benefits, one can easily install or can get installed suitable skylights at their facility at affordable prices.


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